Emperor and King spirits are all hand crafted from the finest ingredients locally grown on the sunny hills under the castle Riegersburg situated on a dormant volcano in the Austrian state of Styria. Particular emphasis is placed on the use of only the highest quality products, because only the naturally delicious taste of flawless, sun-ripened fruits or excellent wines is a suitable basis for producing dense and robust brandies or elegant, delicately aromatic gins.

London Dry Gin

True to the motto “less is more”, the Emperor and King Gin is created with an unbeatable richness of just five essentials, with each ingredient being an essential ingredient. The five essentials are prepared in a white rum specially made for this.

- Juniper

- Currant

- Coriander

- Lemon Grass

- Orange Peel

Premium Whiskey

The Emperor and King Whiskey is a blend of five cereals. Soft, chocolaty corn and wheat notes meet full, spicy barley and spelled flavors. The stormy rye makes for a strong, long finish.

Rowanberry Brandy

From the region of Styria the fruits of the Mountain-ash are the basis for this exquisite brand. In the nose, the rowanberry scent smells of marzipan and bitter almonds, on the palate it fascinates with its impetuous spice.


Quince Brandy

The essential oils in the shell of the fruit enchant with fine notes of honey and the scent of ripe citrus fruits. The quince brandy seduces with an incredibly wide range of flavors and aromas. Fresh-fruity, tart-spicy, fully ripe and full-bodied.